My First Time

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Make a Video!


Create a 30-45 second video talking about your “first time” getting HIV tested.

Make It Enticing!

Do not mention directly talking about an HIV test, as we want to play on the twist that we are talking about your “first time”.

You can have someone interview and ask you the question, “Tell me about your first time,” or you can just answer the question directly.

Answers to Consider. . . 

How old were you?
What made you do it? 
(i.e. friends were doing it so you went along, you were convinced by a partner, curious)
How did you feel before it happened / what did you think it would be like?
What were your thoughts during it?
(Scared, nothing to be worried about, lots of things running through your head)
How often do you do it now?
What advice would you have for someone who has never done it before?


All questions do not have to be answered in the video - these are just prompts to consider and help with creativity!

Almost Done!!!

Summarize the experience with one word or sentence.
For example:   “It was a great experience”

              “It was completely nerve-racking”

The more responses /reaction to questions that can help give a double allusion or innuendo, the more enticing/engaging


Tips and Pointers


Make sure you have good lighting.
Think of creative locations to film: outside, lounging in bed, against a solid wall color, bathroom, etc.
You don’t have to film it all in one take, it could be sent in small clips if you like.

Have fun! 




May 27, 2020


If you have any questions, please contact us here.

Already made your video and ready to share with us??