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About Us
About Us

This transformational project puts forward a new clinical model of care to address the needs of those who have ever been diagnosed with HIV but are not virally suppressed, as well as those who do not know their status. Through community collaboration we will be using communication and advocacy campaigns as another means to reduce the rate of HIV in Pinellas County. We will guide our efforts using the 90-90-90-50% cascade model.

One of the greatest successes of this project is bringing together the major AIDS service organizations, who are all committed to eliminating HIV in Pinellas County, FL. We acknowledge that the success or failure of one part of this project is contingent upon all parts working together.

This will require enhancements to our current practices by concurrently:

  • Increasing targeted testing by looking at epidemiological data, knowledge, and behaviors
  • Increasing linkage services to include intensive case management and a peer approach to identify the more at-risk individual with the more intensive social and environmental barriers to care
  • Decrease the window of time with which individuals are tested and then treated to decrease viral loads and infections
  • Decrease stigma by increasing social media messaging
  • Promote PrEP as a preferred and practiced method to decrease infection rates
  • Promote policy changes to reduce stigma and implement best practices as well as continue good works as a method of sustainability

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